Knowledge and Awareness
equals A Safer Workplace

Managing the cost of health plans has become one of the most significant challenges facing business today. One of the keys to a successful benefits plan is an effective wellness program that includes, HRA's, labs and biometrics with a robust personalized report for participant and an aggregate report for the employer. Through these efforts, ERS/HIG WellFit helps to ensure that each dollar spent is properly utilized.

ERS employs skilled professionals. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing clients with high quality service to meet their specific needs. Our experienced case managers and coaches, who are registered nurses, certified phlebotomist and coaches, monitor medical claims along with risk factors to help participants make lifestyle changes. This also helps ensure that the individual receives the appropriate care as economically as possible.

ERS is committed to people. We constantly seek to find innovative and effective ways to reduce the cost of health care delivery to your organization.

We invite you to contact ERS to learn more about how we can assist your organization with the management of health care costs and with quality of care your employees receive. For questions or request for a wellness program contact, please contact Susan Smith at 270-529-1421 or ssmith@higwellfit.com.

Perhaps the best defense against the spiraling cost of workers' compensation is an active and effective loss control program. At ERS, our loss control services focus on the prevention of accidents and improved workplace health. One of the keys to controlling losses and enhancing workplace safety is an active safety education program. ERS Loss Control is pleased to offer web-based safety education, testing and tracking to make certain employees have the knowledge they need to create a safe workplace.

If your company is interested in setting up a web-based safety education program, please contact Kelly Park at 270-205-1329 or via e-mail at kpark@ers.net.

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