Medical Management


Our company is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of each working person.

We work with businesses large and small to assess employee wellness and develop plans to help all participants reach a higher, more sustainable state of wellness through our all inclusive approach.

HIG WellFit takes an all-inclusive approach to grow your health. Through our Health Risk Assessment, Onsite Wellness Days and Wellness Coaching we are able to access and monitor many factors that affect your overall health.

Labs & Biometrics
After thorough evaluation and lab work, we present all participants with their results in a employee report.

Preventative & Chronic Health Management
Disease prevention and management can have lasting, positive influences on your health. If you have or are at risk for any diseases or their causes, our staff can help you make lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Wellness Coaching
Making lifestyle changes can be difficult, especially without support. Our Wellness Coaches can help you manage health concerns through ongoing education and motivation to help you reach your specific goals. Your coach will work with you through scheduled phone calls at regular intervals. Additionally, we provide interactive tools for you to use between calls with your coach.

Our Goals:

  • Improve Quality of life
  • Attract & Retain the most talented workforce.
  • Visibility into healthcare usage and expenditures
  • Connect the dots between claims, pharmacy and wellness
  • To predict future usage and cost as well as VOI. (value on investment)

Contact Medical Management
HIG WellFit
Susan Smith
Director of Medical Mgmt
PO Box 9640
Bowling Green, KY 42102
800-708-3765 X4327
Fax 270-467-1245

COBRA Administration

ERS uses a WEB based software, which allows large amounts of COBRA-related information to be processed. The system automatically prints all COBRA notices, premium invoices and premium collection reports and HIPPA-related Certificates of Coverage per request.

  • Qualifying Event and Enrollment Beneficiaries

    COBRA and HIPPA laws programmed into system to identify the qualifying event and benefit eligibility, and determine the length of eligibility.

  • Customization

    ERS has several custom options that allow select variations

  • Billing and Payment System

    ERS can bill premiums by using coupons or monthly premium notices, and maintain a payment history in which all information about payment from participants is stored.

  • Audit Trail

    ERS maintains a history of all events, dates of correspondence, and Compliance-required events so that complete information about each beneficiary can be quickly and easily obtained.

  • Automatic Letter Processing

    The key element of ERS’ COBRA Administration is that all documents are generated automatically by the system.

  • Reports

    ERS offers 20 standard reports that display detailed information Regarding participants, benefit plans, premiums collected andnotificatoin letters produced.

  • DOL Model Notices

    ERS prints the “DOL Model Notice” required for new employees as they Become covered by the employ’s benefit plan automatically.

  • Administering the family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

    ERS enables the administration of on-leave participants.

  • Compliance

    ERS COBRA Administration personnel attend necessary educational seminars to keep abreast of the ever changing updates to the COBRA/HIPAA law.

Contact COBRA Administration
Tammy Kirby
PO Box 628
Bowling Green, KY 42102
800-708-3765 X4315
Fax 270-467-1240
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