Employers Risk Services Insurance Claims

Our Claims Administration fundamental philosophy is based on our commitment to help our customers manage losses, control costs, and deliver results. At ERS, we work with you, from the very beginning, to gain a better understanding of your needs. We understand aggressive claims management is only effective to the extent that losses are controlled.


High quality claims management and minimal expense is something with which all employers can identify. We’ve successfully administered and provided claim services to individual and group clients from all across the country. The ERS Claims Administration concept is to merge your knowledge of your business with our expertise and ensure quality, efficient service through every process.


At ERS, we believe high-efficiency produces top-tier results. This also means a quick, speedy process. We understand that a claim can get costly and out-of-hand quick, so we’re on each from the very beginning and maintain a strict regimen through completion.


Claims Adjusting


Medical Bill Repricing


Detailed Risk Management Reports


Electronic Data Interface


Online Access to Claims Data


Dedicated Client Service Teams


State Certified / Licensed Adjuster Staff


Over 45 years combined service experience


Aggressively pursue & encourage return to work


Timely & accurate payments




Pursure subrogation & evaluate compensability


Lower than industry standard adjuster case loads

Who to Contact:

Leigh Anne Massey
Claims Manager


P.O. Box 628
Bowling Green, KY 42102

(270) 529-1417

(800) 378-2540 | *4325
Fax: 270-782-7654

Shannon Gann


P: (270) 529-1398
Fax: (270) 467-1208

Savannah Chandler


P: (270) 467-6924 | *4201
Fax: (270) 495-3461

Karen Portugues

Claims Supervisor


P: (270) 529-1417
Fax: (270) 495-0528

Telisa West

Claims Adjustor


P: (270) 529-1415
Fax: (270) 467-1263

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