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Claims Administration

Our Claims Administration fundamental philosophy is based on our commitment to help our customers manage losses and control costs. At Employers Risk Services, we understand aggressive claims management is only effective to the extent that losses are controlled. High quality claims management and minimal expense is something with which all employers can identify. We’ve successfully administered and provided claim services to individual and group clients, nationwide. The ERS Claims Administration concept is to merge your knowledge of your business with our expertise.


Employers Risk Services uses a WEB based software, which allows large amounts of COBRA-related information to be processes. The system automatically prints all COBRA notices, premium invoices, and premium collection reports and HIPPA-related Certificates of Coverage per request.

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Safety and Loss Control Management

It is the belief of our safety & loss control department that a management supported safety program can impact the profitability of a company as great, or greater, than any other management program the company can implement.  Why? Because without proper safety training and safeguards, an employer will lose the services of that employee and the skills they are hired to perform.

Medical Management

Our company is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of each working person.


We work with businesses large and small to assess employee wellness and develop plans to help all participants reach a higher, more sustainable state of wellness through our all inclusive approach.


Employers Risk Services takes an all-inclusive approach to grow your health. Through our Health Risk Assessment, Onsite Wellness Days and Wellness Coaching we are able to access and monitor many factors that affect your overall health.

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