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It is the belief of our safety & loss control department that a management supported safety program can impact the profitability of a company as great, or greater, than any other management program the company can implement.




Because without proper training and safeguards, an employer will lose the services of that employee and the skills they are hired to perform.


Our loss control consultants understand that companies are in business to produce a product or service, not to have a safety program. With that understanding, we strive to achieve “Safe Production” with our clients, not “Safety First.” We also understand that in today’s workplace, employees wear many hats and safety responsibilities can become overwhelming to the point where these responsibilities become ignored. This is why delegation of safety activities within an organization is key to our client service plans.


There is no such thing as a standard safety program, each employer is different in their management philosophies just like every workforce has its own personality. By implementing safety activities that actually impact workplace safety and fit the company management, personality and its employees, it will be more likely to accept new safety programs.


Implementing a new safety program or managing an existing program is a continual process and must be looked at as a long-term, ever evolving process.


Loss Analysis


Facility Inspections / Hazard Assessment


Safety Program Development


Safety Training


Safety Management System Review & Audit


All ERS safety professionals with BS / BA in Safety from accredited Universities CSP on staff


Extensive experience working with Self Insurance programs, both group & individual


Experience providing loss control services in manufacturing, retail, construction, & transportation


40+ years combined experience providing safety services

Who to Contact:

Leigh Anne Massey
Claims Manager


P.O. Box 628
Bowling Green, KY 42102


270) 529-1417
(800) 378-2540 | *4325
Fax: 270-782-7654

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